How to Buy an Alternative Gift

Online sales will be open until January 1st

How to Shop

  1. Look through all of the shopping pages.
  2. Add the gift and quantity to your shopping bag.
  3. Consider adding a donation to AGGW
  4. Click the shopping bag icon in the bottom right corner
  5. Complete payment (payments accepted include: credit card, Paypal, personal check)
  6. Receive a link to download gift descriptions to give to a family member or friend (also included in your email).
  7. Keep a copy of the email confirmation as your tax-deductible receipt

What you will receive

For each gift purchased you will receive a digital gift description naming the type of gift you have purchased and which charity that gift supports. Here is an example:

A certificate for a dinner meal kit donation
A certificate for a pediatric dental screening donation
A certificate for a donation of 500 pine seedlings